Empire Bladesaver

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This is one of the products that looks like it shouldn’t work … then suprises you.  The Empire Blade Saver is a clear liquid and comes in a squirt bottle with a fairly cheesy graphic.  Usually this is a sign that what’s inside doesn’t match what it says outside.  Luckily, that’s just not the case with Blade Saver.

I picked up Empire Blade Saver at Klingspor in a small package deal for less than $7 during a sale.  Honestly, it sat on my shelf for over a year before I even looked at it.  Then, when my usual blade gunk cleaner ran out I had no choice but to give it a try.  Now, can someone remind me why I waited so long?  Blade Saver was not only less harsh (very little odor, doesn’t sting my hands!), it also worked about 500% better and 500% faster than what I was using.  Amazing.

Now on my second bottle of Blade Saver, I’ve used it to clean tablesaw blades, planer blades, bandsaw blades, mitersaw blades, turning tools … heck, I even used it to clean the guts of a used machine I purchased that was coated with pine resin.  It’s not failed me yet.

Empire Blade Saver “The pitch eliminator” comes in a convienent spray bottle, so I typically just spray it directly on whatever it is that I need to remove gunk (pitch, resin, build-up, whatever-you-call-it) from my tools.  Then, I simply follow up with a soft paper towel.  For more serious gunk issues, I may pull out the scour pad, or safer yet a brass-wire brush.  So, needless to say I’m happy with the Empire Blade Saver product … it did what it said it would do, and it did it well.  Highly Recommended.

Blade Saver

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Paul Norrid

October 20th, 2011

I use this product but I need an MSDS sheet for it and I can’t locate one. Can you help?

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