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Review Author: Jim Campbell

Many of you may know of Graham Blackburn from his many books and a few videos.  A few years back he started a subscription DVD called Woodworking In Action.  I recently checked out whats been going on with it. A lot it turned out.  Now, in addition to a quarterly DVD in the mail, you have full access to flash videos of all the previous videos.

A few folks you might have heard of, Frank Klausz, Alan Lacer, Marc Adams, Garret Hack, Don Weber and more. Most videos are either of the 10 minute or 22 minute variety. With an average of 10 different segments per video. Topics range from how-to, showcase of work and jigs. He covers both flat lander and Dark Side woodworking topics. Given the archive goes back to October of 2005, you get online access to 11 DVD’s worth of content.

On to the content! Its great. I found most videos to be a good blend of information and education. Without being insulting, the videos are what I’d call semi-pro. You don’t get a highly polished scripted and show, something more like a casual conversation. Many of the folks in these videos are used to talking to their subject, and that comes across.

If you are a video junky, which I am, I’d say its money well spent.

You can take a look and get a preview at

Woodworking in Action DVD

12/2009 Update

Boy, it pains me to have to post this, but….

I can’t recommend this site for now. They are 2 months late in releasing the new video. I’ve also not received two of the promised DVD’s and their last release had about 30% less content.

Only found one other person on Lumberjocks who has posted about this. He’s has had no response from the site. Their SSL Certificate expired on November 12th.

All this adds up to concerns. You still have access to all their prior videos online, but I’d really be careful if you were considering a new subscription.

Should they update, I’ll follow up here.

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November 10th, 2011

Looks like they are belly up. The website no longer works

Chad Gengler

November 21st, 2011

I would like three DVDs of my choosing for free!


December 7th, 2011

i bought the subscription last year at the woodworking show… never received even my first dvd. i didn’t mind because i was watching them on the website. but about a month and a half ago, i was no longer able to even open the site, let along log on. i thought i was having computer issues. it appears that it must not be me…
this of course is very odd considering that at this year’s show, they were passing out the sales dvd for the video mag… very odd…

Dan Phaneuf

February 7th, 2012

Where can I purchase that bandsaw blade?


February 20th, 2012

Yeah, I’m in the same boat. I signed up for a year’s membership and never got one DVD. How did they get away with this? I can’t believe there aren’t more people who are upset about getting ripped off by them.
Or maybe there are more people out there, but after months of hearing nothing, just forgot about it like I did.
Still… surprised there hasn’t been more news or complaints about it.

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